Evénement Graffiti Festival

Festival Graffiti

Salon Sans Nom

Event created and organized by Zcäpe, the “Salon Sans Nom” of Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt presents to the public the work of many artists from the French graffiti and graphic scene.
This year for the 3rd edition, the artists Jhano, Blaste, Nikko Kko and Gilen of the 4CHA4 crew, Supanao, Russ, Fakir, Ur-78 and Haut En Couleur gathered around the theme of the ocean. The HEC artists have also made a mural under the Marainval bridge. Further in 2013, a retrospective of works by Dams, Esper, Korny, Kouka, Raphe, Seba, Slim and Zcäpe for the 2nd edition.
Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt – Cultural center Lionel Terray – Espace Paul Eluard
Val d’Oise Océan                    Press Le Parisien

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