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Decoration / Pilot

You are a private individual or a professional and you would like to add an aesthetic and personal touch to your home, your office, your sport center, your restaurant…?
We help you achieve a custom setting, respecting your needs, your tastes and your budget in 3 steps :
1. location scouting, dimensions checking, needs study
2. suggestion of themes, colours, visual, signage, furniture…
3. development of specifications, and formatting of the final project with 3D views, simulations, technical document of the implementation and quote.

Step 1 : Scouting

Visiting your place, a key step in making the right decisions.
In order to develop a specification based on your lifestyle, your workplace or your industry, we need to come on the spot noticing the surfaces to dress, the needs of informational or directional type (sign, signage…).
We take advantage of this visit to take the dimensions of the place and draw up a map. We also check the requirements and technical feasibility of the project by advising you on the choice of prints or paints media.


Décoration Repérages

Step 2 : Mood board

We design a space as a layout in 3D.
Thus, as we draw up a consistent visual identity which works across a catalogue, we always work on our space designs following a theme, a graphic line or a range of colours and visual elements.
This step consists of imaging your wishes and offer you different ways to achieve them.
This mood board is essential for a perfect implementation of your projects.


Décoration Planches tendances

Step 3 : Specifications

After validating a theme and/or graphic orientations, we build a specification that will be respected and applied identically. Everything is provided : the chosen visuals, the dimensions and printing supports, paintings references, signs… And their specific location on the map drawn in the first stage.
Then we can estimate the quote for your project.


Décoration Cahier des charges