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Founded in 2001 from a shared passion for painting and urban cultures, Haut En Couleur (“High Color”) brings together a dozen professionals that complement each other by using their respective areas of expertise towards obtaining design consistency.

Our creators work at designing a unique image that meets the demands of our clients. We respond to multiple orders in the art and media industry and we are able to utilize all supports, which includes walls, canvases, prints, and digital platforms. We incorporate our work for visual communication, web and other digital interfaces, interior & exterior design and artistic creations for events.

Over the years of meetings, Haut En Couleur changes and grows up, constantly searching for novelty.

Haut En Couleur HEC Esper

Esper aka Julien Alexandre

High Artistic Director

As a hyperactive child, the little Esper could only calm his head when absorbed in his colors. Drawing was his passion during his childhood and he was always content with a pencil in hand. This pencil led him on the benches of ESAT Com, where he met Raphe with whom he founded the Haut En Couleur crew. Their shared desire to paint big walls for the sake of design consistency naturally gets them closer. After graduating in 2005, he quickly expanded his range of skills in all media. He has been in charge of the artistic direction for the Club Med villages (signage charter, children’s villages, set design) since 2006. In parallel he has worked for several brands in the toy industry such as Nickelodeon, MB, Fnac éveil et jeux and Zanzoon. He does not abandon painting so far as he continues to develop a personal work on different projects, and is called by several event agencies as Auditoire, Publicis Event, La Villette, Nike or Adidas, to perform in their public events.

Haut En Couleur HEC Raphe

Raphe aka Raphaël Genty

High Project Director

Since the school benches at ESAT, Raphe has gone beyond his professional work to allow further artistic blossoming. From model maker at Hachette to 2D graphic designer at PSA, and through the adaptation of the graphic guidelines for Innocent products (smoothies), his career took a new lease of life when he decided to devote himself fully to the development of the collective.
His various experiences have provided him with several strings to his bow and a large address book with a network of artists. His goal is to link and associate the appropriate elements in order to create original artistic concepts.
As a binder, he is cultivating the art of unifying a work performed by several artists, deploying his graphic universe made of objects, scenery and landscapes of infinite curves.

Haut En Couleur HEC Dams


High Colorist

When Dams discovered graffiti in 2003 during a workshop, the trigger was immediate. He then trained with the oldest of his neighbourhood, mainly around the letter. His progress was dazzling. He travelled the roads of France from 2007 to 2011 and shares his painting during jams and festivals (MOS France, Kosmopolite, En Vie Urbaine in Niort, Urban Coalition in Saint-Dizier…). In 2009, he received the recognition from this world when the doors of the media in the hip-hop and graffiti press open up to him, including Graff Bombz magazine. Extremely careful in the choice of colors, he breaks down the color spectrum to perfection.
Manager of recreation centers in Gennevilliers since 2009, he has developed many educational workshops for youth in the area, which in turn transmits his know-how!

Haut En Couleur HEC Gustav


High Images

After his diploma in Visual Expression at ESAAT Roubaix in 1998, Gustav increased contracts in communication agencies. He arrived in Paris in 2001 and got several positions as graphic designer, integrated the First Intention agency in 2002 and has worked since 2005 in the Harlequin publishing.
On the other hand, he has kept on creating a meeting between music and image, and has fulfilled a complete work sailing across disciplines. He has developed the musical artist’s portrait in all its forms, from the spray paint to the graphic tablet, and later photo, especially with a famous series of concert moments, and finally video, realizing musical clips of a singular subtlety.

Haut En Couleur HEC Korny


High Architect

Graduated of the ESA (Special School of Architecture) / HMONP (Authorization to practise architecture under its own name), Korny has worked since 2008 in architecture agency on construction projects and arranging spaces. Its expertise ranges from project design to its achievement : research and creation, realization of graphic files (plans, 3D models…), site supervision.
Since 2000, he has evolved in the graffiti world and has created a character whose strong neutrality acts as a base that allows him to duplicate it in numerous ways. His illustrations carry us into a world where reality is shifted and diverted from its original meaning. The association with the cleanliness and delicacy of his line endows him with tremendous efficiency.

Haut En Couleur HEC Kouka


High Painter

Franco-African grandson of expressionist painter Francis Gruber, he graduated from the Fine Arts School in Paris in 2000. He ceaselessly questions his origins, through his paintings and street art. Kouka develops his themes through various forms of portraiture around identity and the essence of human nature.
His work is characterised by expression and spontaneity of gesture, revealing imperfections and drips. His painting plays with the language of graffiti to explore the meaning of the image.
Since his famous “Guerriers Bantus” [Bantu Warriors] which is his first urban work, he never fails to remind us that the public space, like the world, belongs to no-one and that while it may be possible to seize territory, you cannot appropriate a culture.
Galerie Taglialatella, 2014

Haut En Couleur HEC Nayh


High Fidelity

Nayh discovered graffiti in 1996 and followed a more academic way at ILOI (Institute of Image of the Indian Ocean), then subsequently at the Fine Arts, and later took part in various projects of graffiti workshops in high schools and municipalities of Reunion island.
Spray paint technician on walls as well as canvas, he works with an extreme attention to detail and likes to quote one of his teachers: “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail,” Leonardo da Vinci.
His works are imbued with determination. Each goal achieved is an open door to a new challenge. “Paint must be used to something else than painting”, Henri Matisse.

Haut En Couleur HEC Séba


High Lettering

On the sidelines of the usual routes taken by the lovers of the image, Seba is nonetheless one of its players. He embraced hip-hop culture in the early 90s and made his first foray in drawing via graffiti.
Nowadays recognized by his peers and in the professional area, he has performed numerous commands of wall decorations in the entertainment industry (stands or background scenes design) and store signs, including for Solidays.
Assiduous lettering artist, he worships the gray color, which if it does not appear in his letters, surreptitiously seeps in the background of his works.

Haut En Couleur HEC Slim


High Mediator

Child, Slim reproduced comics and manga and everything that passed through his hands. Later, he began to accompany his brother Dams’ lettering and specialised quickly in large size illustrations and picture reproduction on collective murals. In 2006 he created his first recurring character, a sort of mummy he started to draw in different quirky situations.
Since his meeting with Haut En Couleur in 2008, he has multiplied large-scale themed murals, always with a view to homogeneity between artists. He is a mediator born, who works enormously to the cohesion of the team on a project!
Graduated with a BPJEPS (Professional certificate of youth, popular education and sport), his job as director of recreation centre at Gennevilliers since 2009 also allows him to develop artistic activities for young people.

Haut En Couleur HEC Soket


High Photo Art

Soket is a wild girl, like her images. Graduated of the ESAG Penninghen, she has worked since 2003 as a freelance graphic designer. Also good at photography and illustration, she oscillates between many sectors.
In 2007, she co-founded “TIG” (Works of General Interest), whose goal is to promote artists from the urban culture. The association tries to reconcile the public with an art too often considered as vandalism. In the same spirit, she organises in 2008 with Esper an innovative project around body calligraphy to provide an alternative to vulgar clichés over exposed by the media. Halfway between arts and sciences, since 2012 she has worked with the Chardon Gallery, a true small gallery of miniature evolution specialized in entomology and naturalization.
Disciple of the stolen shot, the urgent seized, photography serves her as a screen to better penetrate the intimacy of her subjects. And as mistakes do happen, she chooses to work with silver film for the charm of its imperfections and accidents. Through her images, Soket generously shares her collection of urban details, faces, memories and emotions… These captured moments, between dream and reality.

Haut En Couleur HEC Zcäpe


High Character

His philosophy/arts baccalaureate in the bag, Zcäpe made a transition to the Art faculty of Paris 8 and then spread his artistic acuity in some small Parisian galleries, including Art’s Factory (Orsel street at Paris 18th) between 1996 and 2006.
But he wanted to save his soul. Free to produce his own graphic idea, he now escapes between illustration, graphic design and graffiti. He especially blossoms in the HEC group where he can live up its mechanical and eccentric characters who escape from codes to better call the eye amazed out.

Haut En Couleur HEC Vigneron Moustachu

Vigneron & Moustachu

High Web

Development, Webmastering

Like two old mechanics of space, they are still landed themselves into the engine room tinkering, filling gaps and inventing stuff to propel us further into hyperspace…
Eternel fellow travellers, their homogeneous alliance and the fruit of their work open the doors of the web to the Haut En Couleur crew, bringing endless connections throughout the galaxy www. Their work is in front of your eyes so go surfing the HEC wave!

Identité Visuelle Graffiti

Identité visuelle

Your ID please !

Visual Identity…What makes you different among many others !
Up to us to create the graphic codes and any other elements that identify you and distinguish you from others, using any kind of media.
We are here to help you and advise you in your choices.

Illustration Street Art Direction artistique Zanzoon Enfant


Zanzoon / Educational games

Artistic direction for Zanzoon, interactive toys specialist, from 2006 to 2012.
Visual identity of the company and all Zanzoon products design.
Packagings, illustrations, catalogs, gaming boards…
Creating cutomized and exclusive ranges for Asmodee, Nickelodeon, Fnac éveil et jeux and Playskool.

(Français) Signalétique Direction artistique Identité visuelle


You are here !

Signage is used to inform the public in a place or an event, to identify areas or indicate directions to follow to join.
We have worked, among others, since 2006 on the total overhaul of the visual identity of the Club Med and the signage charter in the villages, shops, Club Med Gym fitness centers and the head office. We also make signage of sign or menu board kinds in catering. Last but not least, for your events, we have a range of solutions to meet your needs for ephemeral signage.

Illustrateur Graffiti


Draw me a sheep

Selling images without being able to draw would be the last straw…
We realize illustrations, wheter in the world of childhood or toys, for press, edition or audiovisual, or just for fun. Here is an overview of the illustrators’s work of the crew.